Welcome to Skyline Fireworks, LLC.


Welcome to Skyline Fireworks, located at 20th & Oklahoma in Okmulgee, OK.  In our air conditioned/heated showroom, we offer retail sales of fireworks year round.  We also offer wholesale fireworks.  Since we are a seasonal retail store, we are open at various times throughout the year.  Please call or email for specific dates and times.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, local checks and of course cash.



Note: credit/debit cards only accepted during 4th of July season (June/July) and New Year’s Eve (December).


What We Do

We are the only air-conditioned/heated showroom in Okmulgee County with the largest variety of fireworks at unbeatable prices!  Hundreds of fireworks to choose from at the lowest prices!  Our products range from firecrackers to reloadable (artillery shell) kits and 500 gram cakes – and everything in between!  You won’t be disappointed!  We are open for fireworks sales during the 4th of July season and on New Year’s Eve.